What faith is … and is not.

Scott Smith —  January 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

In this post, Eric Chabot asks “why do people completely misunderstand the word ‘faith’?” This is a great question, and Eric makes some helpful observations.

Chabot observes that popular culture (and I might add, much of Christian culture) often goes wrong by misunderstanding faith to be one of the following:

  • Believing in the face of contradictory evidence
  • Believing without really knowing
  • Belief that effectuates reality

I share Chabot’s frustration with the misunderstanding of faith. Too often I have seen sincere Christians turn to the mystical or the absurd in the name of faith. Due to this misunderstanding, skeptics feel that Christians believe in the equivalent of fairy tales. Don’t let this pass. We need to understand what faith is and what it is not. Ours is a very reasonable faith, and it is our mission to demonstrate this fact to a doubting world.

I encourage you to read all of Eric’s post at the Ratio Christi blog, and post your thoughts below.

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Scott Smith is a lifelong Christian and an active member of his church. He enjoys blogging and teaching on Christian theology and defense as well as engaging skeptics in debate regarding Christian truth claims. Scott is a co-founder of Etcetera as well as TC Apologetics, and in his spare time he runs his own 3D design company.

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