TCA Hangout: James Harleman

Scott Smith —  December 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

2013-12-05 - Harleman - Baptized in Story



Join us to meet James Harleman and listen to him elaborate on 21st century storytelling: how we got here, what it means, and how to navigate it with an eye for narrative apologetics.

We’ve watched James’ videos before, and his concepts of storytelling and metanarrative have been woven through many of our discussions.

James will be speaking to us via Google Hangout as a joint meeting betweenTactical Faith* and TC Apologetics. Why not join us and have a chance to interact with him for the first time!

6:30-8:30, Dec 5 in Room 7 at Church of the Living God, 1514 Birmley, Traverse City, MI

(*Note: James will be a featured speaker at SALT 2014, a conference brought to Montgomery, AL by Tactical Faith.)


Or, stream the event live!

Video will appear below. Note:  You can click the lower left corner of the video to open the video in YouTube where you can submit your own questions!

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