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For those who would like to be familiar with the worldviews and messages in the books, films, and TV shows effecting a primarily Young Adult audience, I offer the following excerpts from some of my recent reviews. Keep in mind that my main goal is to look at how the story reflects and shapes  the readers’ worldview. Click on the title links for the full reviews. Continue Reading…

Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, and Meaning


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Is secularism a positive force in the modern world? Or does it lead to fragmentation and disintegration? In Saving Leonardo, Continue Reading…

Full Dark, No Stars

Anthony Weber —  December 31, 2011 — Leave a comment

I am not the first to say, nor will I be the last, that Stephen King is an interesting guy.  As a writer with a clear eye for good and evil, he captures the depravity of the human condition remarkably well.  He writes in the afterward, “If you’re going into a very dark place…you should take a bright light, and shine it on everything… Bad writing usually arises from a stubborn refusal to tell stories about what people actually do.”  If there were ever a question about whether or not we the people have within us a hidden self capable of doing remarkably foul deeds (as several characters in this collection of short stories do), King resolves it with a resounding, “Yes, there is.”  That light he shines is a revealing one.

He also writes in the afterward, “The people in these stories are not without hope”; he follows this with the caveat that “our fondest hopes…may sometimes be in vain. Often, even.”  In spite of the evil in most of his characters, he finishes the afterward by noting, “I believe most people are essentially good. I know that I am.”  This seems promising, as he also writes that “the writer’s only responsibility is to look for the truth inside his own heart.”  If King is essentially good, and his stories come from the truth inside his heart, literary magic should follow.

And in some ways it does.  Continue Reading…

Free Book!

Scott Smith —  December 30, 2011 — Leave a comment

The kind folks at Monergism have seen fit to offer for free an ebook by Steve Hays. I haven’t read it yet, but it looks like it contains some good stuff.

Poke around this link – there’s some other good stuff there too!

“Helpful answers to the most common objections of postmodern skeptics and atheists. Steve Hays demonstrates that engaging skeptics presuppositionally is perhaps the most persuasive way to engage them, especially in the current environment.”