Is Hollywood Today’s Mars Hill?

Scott Smith —  June 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

Paul showed us in Acts 17 the importance of understanding the audience, finding points of contact, and ultimately presenting the truth of Christ in a way that connects with those who need to hear. So how do Christians go into the public square and effectively present Christ? Anthony Weber uses numerous examples to illustrate how some authors, musicians, film makers and other artists are doing just that.

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Topical Resources:

    1. “Cutting to the Core: Finding the Metanarrative,” James Harleman
    2. Hieropraxis: Literature and Faith, Truth and Beauty.”
    3. Focus on the Family’s Plugged In
    4. “Zombies and Worldviews”
    5. “Are You Not Entertained?”
  2. FILM
    1. Brian Godawa
    2. Brian Godawa interview
    3. Ralph Winter interview on “Top 3”
    4. “Horror: The Perfect Christian Genre,” Christianity Today interview with Scott Derrickson.
    5. “Good Christians and GCB”
    6. Interview with Jamin Winins
    7. Tom Shadyack interview from
    8. “Worldviews in Movies: In Time”
    9. Hollywood Jesus
    1. Flannery O’Conner
    2. Dean Koontz
    3. Stephen Lawhead
    4. Ted Dekker
    5. Veronica Roth
    6. Review of “Divergent”
    7. Doug Tennapel
  4. MUSIC
    1. Jesus Freak Hideout:  Jesus.Faith.Music
    2. A to Z Christian Artist List
    3. “The Apologist Currently Known as Prince”
    4. Needtobreathe
    5. Switchfoot
    6. Plumb
    7. Brian Welch
    8. Johnny Lang
    9. Skillet
    10. Flyleaf






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