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Here’s the full challenge: Sure, Jesus was a real historical figure. He was a homeless teacher who was a generally good man. His early followers really, really wanted for him to be the Messiah. They attempted to impose this on him but he rejected it. Their desire was so great however, that over time the church itself began teaching Jesus’ divinity. This ultimately culminated in Constantine gathering all church leaders together in 325AD to vote on the matter. After this historic session, Jesus’ deity was firmly established, and taught as Christian truth by royal edict from that point on.

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Did Jesus even exist?

Scott Smith —  January 4, 2012 — 36 Comments

Jesus  never existed. He was merely a myth.

This is typical charge anyway.

So, how about it? Was there ever a man named Jesus of Nazareth?

The very simple answer is, yes. I’m not saying this on faith or on some religious book’s say-so. I’m stating what historians agree is an indisputable fact. You see, history is done a specific way. Historians have rules for what is acceptable evidence. If there is any doubt about Jesus’ existence, then the same doubt is cast on all historical figures. Simply put, if we cannot be certain the Jesus was a real man from Galilee, we cannot be certain of anything.

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