Series: What is God Like?

This is a summary page for my Sunday School class called “What is God Like?

Here is the description I proposed:

Christianity isn’t only concerned with knowing God, but also with knowing about God. Unfortunately, when it comes to this topic, many of us have a theology that isn’t much more sophisticated than what we learned from songs we sang as kids. Studying the Doctrine of God helps us understand questions like:

“Who is God?”
“What is He like?” 
“What does it mean to be omniscient or all-powerful?”

You may be surprised to learn that our understanding of the Doctrine of God has far-reaching ramifications in our understanding of Christianity and our daily lives. In this class, we will particularly focus on God’s attributes.

(Although this is a potentially deep topic, the class will be accessible for high-schoolers and up.)

At the encouragement of several friends who are unable to attend the class every week, I have been recording and posting each class, along with class notes. (See each post listed below.) Eventually I will post my teaching outline as well, since I have heard there are those who may be interested in using these tools for their own study and/or teaching.

If you end up following along with us, let me know . If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it!

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UPDATE: I am currently experimenting with switching to a podcast setup. To continue following this class, subscribe to our podcast here.