Apologetics and Lasagna!

Scott Smith —  September 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

There are two aspects of Christian defense. The first deals with content, offering specific responses to particular questions. The second deals with the techniques of using this information by focusing on style, strategy, and method.

In Tactics in Defending the Faith, we will cover the second aspect, learning a variety of powerful tactics – techniques with names like “Columbo,” “Taking the Roof Off,” “Rhodes Scholar,” “Suicide,” and “Steamroller.” These are not clever tricks or ruses, but specific strategies and detailed methods of sound reasoning, clear thinking, and aggressive advocacy.

If you have ever been caught flat-footed in a conversation, or have felt at a loss in how to navigate such a discussion, thie course will change that forever.

Also, there is lasagna.






Event Poster:  Apologetics and Lasagna poster, Oct 4

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Join us Thursday, October 4, from 6:30-8:30 in WLJN’s meeting space.

We hope to see you there! Please share this invite on your FB wall, with your friends, and with your church to expand our reach. This is a community forum for all those interested in defending the claims of classical Christianity.

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Scott Smith is a lifelong Christian and an active member of his church. He enjoys blogging and teaching on Christian theology and defense as well as engaging skeptics in debate regarding Christian truth claims. Scott is a co-founder of Etcetera as well as TC Apologetics, and in his spare time he runs his own 3D design company.